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Design is the result of the elegant object perspective, the symbol of expectations and the artistic concept of the objects used in daily routines. Design is “elegance” to some people; “humour of the daily objects” to others. For those who always want more, design is the combination of those two expectations. It is not known what you expect from design but we are sure that this article and the designs that we selected will attract your attention.

We have searched the coat rack designs with their different aspects for your interest. As you know, the coat stands help us tidy the living spaces. In this article, we selected elegant, smart, simple; humorous, colourful, extraordinary but incredibly functional coat hangers for the ones who like the humour in design, who expect elegance and who are interested in different perspectives. Hope you will enjoy…

Seletti Harakiri Cloack Stand


This “Harakiri” will be enjoyable!

Oversize nails to insert and to take off as much as you like from the HARAKIRI wooden coat hanger by Seletti.The frame will be furnished with nails that can be introduced at several depth, giving each time a different look. Available in natural wood or in black/red/white/natural colours. 

Product details:

Design: Alessandro Zambelli

Material: Ahşap

Size : H  192 cm.

Colours : White, natural wood

Please visit Pomstore for Harakiri Cloack Stand and more special designs in order to have further information and/or to buy.


  1. Birds In A Row Coat Hanger: You will have versatile usage possibilities Birds in a Row ,is designed by Christine Herold and Katharina Ganz . It seems as if there are some birds having a rest…  
  2. Y Hanger: Designed by Mifune Design Studio , “Y Hanger” has “Y Shaped  hangers” and when you do not use them, you can put them at the bottom.
  3. Poke Hanger: Kyuhyung Cho made a hanger with sticks and two rings inspired by a surrealist, René Magritte, to create poetic imagery in our everyday life. The main part of the hanger is a combination of a steel pipe and two solid metal rings which are heavy enough to be stable as a hanger. It is possible to add wood poles to the main part depending on your situation. 
  4. When you make a hanger with the main body and wood poles, it displays a surrealistic moment; the small ring floating up in the air without any connection to the ground, poles standing by themselves. Furthermore, you can play with gravity by hanging your clothes or hats on it.
  5. Nook: Nook is designed by Teruhiro Yanagihara. The striking feature of this furniture item is its quarter-circle base. A single module fits nicely into the corner of a room. Two modules together make for a coat stand with a half-circle base that can be positioned along a wall. Four modules together produce a freestanding item with a full circle base that can be placed anywhere in a room. 
  6. Peg Coat Reg: Two-tone sculpture valets hats, bags, jackets and scarves. Topped in pale ash wood, six rounded pegs branch out in every direction, grounded by black powdercoated iron base. 
  7. Bonaldo: In the hat stand Tree of Bonaldo, the designer Mario Mazzer was inspired by nature. More precisely by trees. With its clear forms and the bright, modern material, the Tree is an idealized tree at which you can suspend your jackets, coats, scarves and hats. 
  8. Wishbone Clothes Rack: The Wishbone clothes rack was designed by the awarded Danish design duo Busk+Herzog and it is distributed by Frost. The clothes rack is characterized by its clear, purist design. The structured lines as well as the glossy elements out of stainless steel make the Wishbone clothes rack a modern design-object that is perfectly inserted in living areas as well as public rooms. Frost-Wishbone Clothes Rack  is a nice and interesting design. 
  9. Spun Wardrobe: Spun Wardrobe Also if initially it looks as if Spun is not thought as training device for weightlifters. Instead, the creators from inthedetail from Birmingham begin the end of the smelly wardrobe with Spun. The clothes stand out of lacquered steel comes out to be a real all-rounder looking more closely. That is how Spun is equipped with an umbrella stand and a shoes and bags container as well as ten clothes hooks on the upper side. 
  10.  ClassiCon-Saturn Hall Stand: Saturn is such a sculptural, cheerfully dancing object, you’ll hate to hide it under a bunch of coats. But Saturn by all means makes a perfect, if unusual, coat stand. 
  11. DNA: Designed by Paratoner  is a special coat rack for your clothes with its tree-like and DNA form. Inspired by the very nature, DNA will help you to create a modern atmosphere.  
  12. Stack: Another Paratoner  design! Most of us had the experience of the feeling of the pricks while walking among the bushes… With Stack, these pricks are not harmful but helpful. They are ready to keep our favourite clothes! 

Seletti Hang


Straight from the design house Seletti in Italy comes this set of four oversized stainless steel letter shaped hooks that spell “H-A-N-G”. You will say: “Why no one thought of this before?”

It comes complete with mounting hardware to make for an easy installation.

Produsct details:

Design : Selab

Material : Metal

Size : H 20 cm.

Colour: White, metal

Please click here to see more information Seletti Hang on Pomstore.



  • Hook: Hook is made from a steamed ash strip with integrated wall fixings. It is a very elegant and simple design, isn’t it?
  • Wire Coat Rack: As an infinitely extendable chain of hooks, Tom Dixon’s paperclip-inspired Wire Coat Rack provides stalwart stainless steel utility and is flexible enough to wrap around corners.


Joker by Koral Erat
”Fanga-Hanging Clothes For The Lazy
Fusillo Bookshelves by andViceVersa
ALMA Furniture Collection by Cristian Reyes
Wallmonds’ Sake

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