Elegant Wood Kitchen Utensils

Some textures are unique. They are always trendy. They have been used for centuries and have been recreated by new design approaches and successful designers and brands.

Just like wood with its unique esense, smell and warm texture…Who knows, it has been chopped, sculpted or drilled but it has never lost its nature and function. The special gift from generous nature, wood, has always been near us in our life spaces.

Today, we are talking about great designs created by nice ‘wood’ with elegance . We will imagine how these utensils are produced. You will enjoy and love these designs which will be perfect in your kitchens!.

Elegant Wood Spoon, Fork and Knives

Maple Set Knives

With this project, it is wanted to look at kitchen knives from a new perspective. This set focused on the essence of a knife, that key component that people visualize when thinking about a knife. The set isolated the blade as that defining component and designed around that as the highlight of the product. By reducing the size and visual weight of the blade it becomes this sliver of polish and refinement. The stark contrast of materials works well to highlight the smaller blade and blend the body into its surroundings.
The project goal was to not only produce a beautiful product but to break the mold of traditional thinking on everyday products; to get people to think differently about what they see around them and how they see it.




Design: The Federal Inc.

Scoop – Stab – Spread
If simplicity is a functional virtue, then certainly something can be said for the merits of literal description. As you might already imagine, our set of six Scoop, Stab & Spread™ appetizer tools do just that. Designer Karl Zahn’s choice to further refine each piece for greater functional distinction means that the solid and slotted Scoop can handle tidbits that may arrive in their own jus, Stab includes one single pronged spear and one double-pronged fork ideal for skewering charcuterie, and finally, Spread features an angled spreader and a straight spreader, great for hard or soft cheeses as you like.





Images: Teroforma

Tablèe Seletti
The natural, charming and pure image of wood is coming to your dininig tables. Tablée can be used at dinner parties and at picnic; or will be a perfect gift for your loved ones. Tablée is made from beech wood and presents an elegant serve with its cotton napkin.


Seletti and other awarded designs are at Pomstore! You can see in a more detailed way and/or buy Tablée. Bring design to your life spaces, bring colour to your life!

KIBISI Wood Kitchen Utensils

Form, design, functionality and elegance… You will love the simple form of KIBISI Kitchen Utensils. Here are the KIBISI designs produced by Muuto:

Hang Around Cooking Set:





Toss Around Salad Servers:


Turn Around Juicer:


Images: Muuto

Elegant Wood Chopping-Boards

Autoban Bread Boards
Bread Board
The bread board is made from oak and walnut, the board can be used as serving.


Bread Board Rectangle


Images: Autoban

Personalised Wooden Cheese Board Set
Personalised Wooden Cheese Board Set is fantastic gift for the kitchen and a great little surprise to pull out at dinner parties and impress your guests with.
It’s made from attractive Hevea wood that’s long lasting, hard-wearing and easy to wipe down after it’s been used. What else we look for?





Images: Getting Personal

Puzzle Board
I found this board at one of my favourite blog. This one is so fuctional that I loved it! Minimal, beautiful and functional board is designed by Ooms Dutch Design Studio.




Images: A Cup Of Joe

Plain use and iconic shape: Otto (meaning “eight” in Italian) is a chopping board in beech wood with a little porcelain bowl, to serve or mass the chopped food. The 8-shaped wooden board is made at CNC mill and then refined by hand. The included small bowl is handmade by a ceramist in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence).



Ottoemezzo is a chopping board combined with a mezzaluna knife. The knife houses inside the gouge of the wooden plate. The gentle slope on the surface of the board helps following through the chopped food, or throwing the waste. A system of magnets prevents the knife from slipping out accidentally when not in use. Both the wooden handle of the knife and the board are moulded by a CNC mill and later assembled and hand-made finished.



Images: ZPStudio Tools

(P.S: We highly recommend you to read the article ZP Studio Tools Designs  that we wrote a few days ago.)

Elegant Wood Containers

YPLFL- Ha La Ville
Ha La Ville from YPLFL ( Y’a Pas Le Feu Au Lac)2014 collections… designed by Cédric Ragot, Ha La Ville is made from lime wood. It is so soft and elegant that I want to touch it as soon as possible!



Images: YPLFL

Luno, designed by minimalist designer Martin Jakobsen is really nice and elegant. Natural materials such as glass, wood and marble are often used throughout Jakobsen’s work. And Luno features a ball of cork as a stopper .




Images: Martin Jakobsen

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