Empty Memory by Logical Art


As we all know, the main purpose of a USB flash drive is to store datas in the most secure way. Apart from that, it could be used a stress raiser (disapearance in the time of need or failure to mount it in every first attempt) or a keyholder! But on the other side, especially for the recent years, they also serve humanity for an other purpose;accessories!


The English company,Logical Art added a new example of these intelligent-accesories, titled like its concept name: Empty Memory, A concept name comes from the phsyical emptiness in their products, in the form ofstructuralortransparent. With a loading capacity of 4 Gigabytes, these products are cast from stainless steel, and are hand-finished in white, black, or gold.


The designers say,”Every individual object contains a physical emptiness in its sculptural form, giving the metaphor that you can fill the space with you own memory.”

And also they said that the stocks are all sold out! So, the only way to gather thistreasureis to attack with disguise; thepre-order!

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