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Strolling around in the tiny streets of Zona Tortona, ransacking SuperStudio Piu is – once more– a joy to behold. We want to share with you whatever caught our eyes during our strolls this year. We can safely say what we most met with was sustainability…

As we notice more and more that it is not only a popular value but a necessary choice, the products that claim”I’m sustainable” increase in numbers. And here we go; sustainability of products, care for hand craft, technological investments and more are below…


When you meet with 13 Ricrea, which works on ecological projects and designs interiors, exteriors and personal products, you can not stop yourself from touching the brand’s products. See how the materials that you constantly meet with in your daily life provide you with different opportunities.


When you see the O Clock clocks and O Bag bags of Fullspot  which was established by professionals of different disciplines, you will want to buy the whole product family designed by them. The brand produces and sells its products in Italy. They want to emphasize‘Made in Italy’ as much as‘Designed in Italy.’


Bambica  is one of those that says‘I’m sustainable.’ It seems like they will trigger your creativity with a furniture system that will make you decide on its form and then construct it. You need to bring together the bamboo units to construct your library.

The product’s designers Andrew Gancikov and John Fitzpatrick also make the product efficient for production, logistics and storage.


Here is an umbrella that you wish you had designed; Senz ! Its geometric form which provides us with ease of use in different weather conditions and its material separate and make it preferable to other umbrellas.


In Corian®  ‘s exhibition area in Via Savona, we meet with ‘Leftover Collection,’ which is designed by Rabih Hage. With this collection, Corian® goes through an evolution in terms of colors and produces a furniture series that will make us take our leave from wooden structures by using Corian®s from now on.


Liquorice, which was designed by Alessandro Masturzo for  B-Line , is a shelf unit that is mounted on a wall with your choice on its position.

Breathing the air of Zona Tortona, inspecting closely and touching the products that are being exhibited is always the best. But, if for different reasons you couldn’t make the time for it, we prepared this article series for you…

Next topic, Salone del Mobile… Keep following us!

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