Ermitage Cabin: A Sweet House by Septembre


Septembre designed a sweet, eco-friendly and interesting cabin with a sauna and a bedroom for a couple who spend their summer holiday in Trossö in Sweden.


All the materials of the house, which was built by avoiding cutting no trees, were transported to the site as there are no roads in the island.


The external walls of the house with pitched roof made from Swedish spruce painted black. The floorboards are also spruce, while the internal walls and ceiling are clad in plywood.


With the large sliding door leading into bedroom open, the deck doubles the usable floor space. The mattress placed at the back of the wooden platform in the bedroom also used as a surface for seating.


Long drawers on castors are put underneath of the platform in order to provide storage.




The sauna is entered through a door at the side of the cabin and contains benches and a window looking out onto the forest.



Photographs :

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