Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Kit

Is there anything or anyone more dangerous than a jilted woman? What can’t that woman do in order to take revenge?

The woman who gets rid of going to the hairdresser or shopping malls can do nearly everything to reach her goal if she wants to hurt her boyfriend.


Lani Devine, of Australian accessories label Her Royal Flyness has designed a bag of tools that are not used but thought  to relax women. Devine indicated that these tools will never be used or sold, they are just design concepts and combined the revenge and the elegance of the women.


The bag includes a balaclava, a crowbar, rope and leather gloves, and a pair of resin knuckledusters and an injection kit with a single shot of truth serum.

The “limited edition” set on her site, with a hypothetical price of $1850 prompts an error message explaining that the product is out of stock when it is wanted to be bought.


These weapons that are actually dangerous can seem aesthetic because of the females’ nature. The kit that can provoke discussions is the indicator of the revenge that can be elegant by the women’s sexual identity.

Devine also says that her black humour has had positive responses so far and she has sold a lot of the teal bags without all the nasty additions.

Images: http://www.herroyalflyness.com

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