Exhibition: A. Halim Kulaksız – Nejat Türkmen “LIVELY BODIES”

EKAV / Education, Culture and Research Foundation is hosting the joint exhibition “Lively Bodies” of photographers A. Halim Kulaksız and Nejat Türkmen between March 3rd – April 1st 2015.

Traditionally, every year the most and the biggest “body painting festival” is organized in Pörtschach, Austria. The festival hosts many events such as workshops and competitions attended by the world’s foremost body painters and this transforms the festival into a big festivity.


A. Halim Kulaksız and Nejat Türkmen transmit this important festival’s images to us through their view finder with the traces that emerged in their minds and souls. Indeed, they make this festival and the artworks that are displayed on models eternal by the help of the art of photography. Just the like the name of the exhibition, the pieces in this exhibition reflect the vibrant, dynamic, colorful, vivid and joyous state of inner self to outer world. Moreover, since the human body can fit into different shapes it becomes a dynamic canvas unlike conventional painting.

A. Halim Kulaksız and Nejat Türkmen combine their images with their inner selves and their photographic approach and therefore creating an expression between abstract and real which in return presents another layer to the viewer that is more colorful, entertaining, dynamic and lively.

You can watch this exhibition at Turkey’s first online art television www.ekavart.tv

EXHIBITION : A. Halim Kulaksız – Nejat Türkmen “Lively Bodies”
OPENING : March 3rd, 18:00
VENUE : Ekavart Gallery
VISITING HOURS : Monday – Friday 11:00-18:30 / Saturday 12:00-18:30

*image 1:Nejat Türkmen

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