Exhibition: “Çırılçıplak”- (Stark Naked) Piramid Sanat 26.02-29.03.2015

I open the door, the exhibition area enlightened by the spotlights of Piramit Sanat welcomes me. Everything; walls, works, columns, beams, simple, bare and as they are- stark naked. The walls are not having an isolating white; on the contrary, in a warm tone reminding what a body, a skin has and the Works are withous frames; they are completely naked in the exhibition area. I have a deep breath and I start walking.

At the very moment, I elude everything on me; I become stark naked in my mind like everything in the place. “Çırılçıplak” curated by Cüneyt Ayral opened on February 26 and it will last to March 29, 2015 at Piramit Sanat. At the exhibition, a selection composed by photographs are used. Among the nine artists exhibiting their Works, Bedri Baykam who often creates by painting takes place with his photograph taken in 1986. The artist, three of them from Turkey, join the exhibition from France, Japan, the United States of America and Germany. It is a diversity that the Works are from different languages, different perspectives, different cultures and besides this diversity, photography becomes a common language of art all over the World.


The subject? As its name, stark naked! The exhibition is being held by the support of Institut Français so, all the texts on the walls are written in three languages as Turkish, English and French like in the catalogues. Besides them, the Works are exhibited without frames, they are nailed to the Wall with fasteners. The colour of the walls is warm, humanistic and supported by the lights champaign. In such an atmosphere it is much easier to perceive the simplicity and naturalness exactly stressed in the name of the exhibition.

cirilciplak-pramid-sanat-1Each work interpreting the human body in different perspectives is in harmony with the atmosphere. The frameless so, limitless Works are exhibited in groups according to the artists. While there are photographes of the “curved model” reminding Kybele by Erden Cantürk, it is possible to see an Asian one that is incredibly different from that previous one taken by Uwe Ommer. While this diversity in increasing the co-relation among the Works, Çırılçıplak is becoming much more holistic. It is not easy to combine such a brave and transparent exhibition like this but the artist such as Bedri Baykam working in harmony with the curator undertake the main role in Piramit Sanat with the efforts of the Project coordinator Öykü Aras.

The special selection of the nude works that are regarded as taboo by the people except for arts community in such a perfect harmony is increasing the success of the exhibition while the effect of the music enriching the atmosphere transforms it into a visual-auditory one.

*Bedri Baykam – Erden Cantürk – Philippe Deutsch – Koray Erkaya – Damien Guillaume – Tetsuro Higashi – Hugh Holland – Uwe Ommer – Arto Pazat

Translated from Turkish : Hatice Topbaş

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