Exhibition: Drawing Thoughts | C.A.M. Galeri | 10. 09 – 03.10. 2015

C.A.M. Galeri starts the new season with “Drawing Thoughts” opening on September 10 th. The group show brings together the works of Ata Kam, Ceylan Öztürk, Eda Gecikmez, Ege Kanar, Mahmut Celayir, Melisa Önel, Merve Ünsal, Selim Süme and Sinan Tuncay.

To what extent, understanding or perceiving a past that is not directly experienced in individual or social sense is effective to generate a common memory?

The group show “Drawing Thoughts” will examine how the personal memory forms the present time and how it diversifies the transmission between constructed history and memory politics. In the exhibition the notion of “post memory” associated with conceptualization of memory draws an analogical framework that interprets various tracings through the works of the artistsconcentrated on this specific theme.

Bringing together various art practices, the exhibition suggests a debate between the images formed by the personal memory and collective memory that is interrupted through time.

The exhibition can be regarded as a study that searches for a common space to question the reproducing of memory that is based on a personal experience of someone lived in that specific moment of scanning memory to sincerely remember and making up history to intentionally forget, based on the nature or a certain background.

Drawing Thoughts can be visited until October 3, 2015.

Curator: Sevim Sancaktar

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