Exhibition: Jackie Arditty “The Gleam of Hope” at Ekavart Gallery

EKAV / Education, Culture and Research Foundation is hosting Jackie Arditty, one of the esteemed names of contemporary art, who will re-unite with art lovers with his 9th solo exhibition named “The Gleam of Hope” at Ekavart Gallery between the dates October 20 – November 6, 2015.

Arditty who has held his first solo exhibition at the age of 11 and is one of the rare artists who has benefited from the “Law of Child Prodigies” of Turkey is introducing his inner world, in which he has intertwined with art itself for over 40 years, to large masses for the first time.

In his “The Gleam of Hope” exhibition, the artist will share with the art community his works of art that serve as visual recollections of our world. His works are inspired by his own life and impressions and generated through different mediums and forms like oil, charcoal, sculpture and relief. Arditty explains his works with these words: “I did not do anything that have not been felt or experienced. I cannot prevent the reflection of the situation I am in into my paintings,” and creates new worlds in a studio woven with images within the chaos of the city. With his last exhibition, he invites also his audience to these adventures that offer distinctive horizons and perspectives.


The artist, who possesses a working style that fights off and struggles to reconcile with the art of painting, thinks there is a gleam of hope at the end of each battle and believes that is the true triumph of humankind. Jackie Arditty’s paintings and sculptures reach out from common spaces and objects to unknown realms and also harbor the “Gleam of Hope” within their own rights. This Gleam will continue to burn at Ekavart Gallery between the dates October 20 – November 6, 2015.

You can watch the exhibition on Turkey’s first online art television: www.ekavart.tv

EXHIBITION : Jackie Arditty “The Gleam of Hope”
OPENING : October 20th Tuesday, 6 pm
PLACE : Ekavart Gallery
VISITING HOURS : Monday – Friday 11:00-18:30 / Saturday 12:00-18:30

* Ekavart Gallery is a non-profit establishment under EKAV. All the income earned through exhibitions is granted students as scholarships who are receiving art education.

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