Exhibition; “Soft City”

“Soft City” exhibition was on display between May 18 – June 18 with the participation of many local and foreign artists. In the scope of the exhibition, many different< performances took place in various outdoor and indoor places in Galata as well as in galleries such as ALANistanbulandManzara-Perspectives.

In this context, public spaces in Galata, walls, shops and art areas were turned into a whole of large-scale exhibitions related to the indoors of ALANistanbul. Recent local and foreign young artists revealed the interactions with the environment of an urban network with a wide range of expression tools of contemporary art; installations, street art, oil paintings, videos… Various outdoor and indoor public spaces such as ALANistanbul -the main place for the exhibition, two shops of Manzara Perspectives in Tatar Beyi Sokak, a projection screen on a deserted wall in the same street, a shop window in Serdar-ı Ekrem street, a coffee shop in Lüleci Hendek Sokak were used for the exhibition.

“Soft City Exhibition” aims to develop empathy on a wider range of people in an artistic approach with art works which refers to trauma caused by the urban speed and transformation imposed on us and which shows the strength developed in daily life as a result of the revenge with personal things. The exhibition was inspired by urban sociologist Jonathan Raban’s book”Soft City”.

The exhibition emphasizes Raban’s words whenever possible:“Unlike in villages and small towns, the cities can be kneaded by the nature of urban incomes. We can knead them with our ideas. we show them, we impose them our own personal form of resistance and they shape us this time. In this sense, it seems to me, to live in the city is an art.” Large-scale excavation and restoration works in Galip Dede street where ALANistanbul is located were also used as a critical part of the exhibition. A marking system was created using tulips in plastic pots in the street, starting from the gallery to the area of works. Thus, the audience could meet the works.


Alfredo Ramos Fernandez, Amandine Braci, Antonio Cosentino, Erdem Helvacıoglu, Erkin Gören, GümüşÖzdeş, Katarzyna Badach, Levent Kunt, Miriam Linschooten, Monika Bulanda, MerveÇanakçı, Neriman Polat, Nalan Yırtmaç, PınarÖgrenci, Sameer Farooq, Sevil Tunaboylu, Sohrab Kashani, ŞafakÇatalbaş, Timothée Huguet, Yeşim Akdeniz Graf, Zeynep Beler.

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