Exhibiton at Galerist; Warhol in Motion

8th June – 9th July

Months ago, when I first heard about the exhibition of Andy Warhol in Galerist, I was bursting with happiness!As you know, Warhol is one of the iconic figures of Pop Art which brought a different aesthetic interpretation to the 20th century art. The exhibition is a fruit of the longtime dialog between Galerist and The Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Art and The Andy Warhol Museum.

Warhol film- Chelsea Girls®AWM

The exhibition will have videos, movies and polaroids of Warhol. Beginning 8th June, Galerist will be presenting the works of the artist who is known not only in modern art, but also in fashion, design and movie.

The importance of Warhol from the point of History of Contemporary Art lies behind him using different techniques concurrently, besides his paintings.

Though having said”Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”, he has already left his mark on history; and it seems we will remember him for a long time in the future! His painting,”Self Portrait” (1963-1964) was sold for 38 million 444 thousand dollars in an auction in New York last week. In the auction held in Christie’s auction house, 8 more paintings of Warhol was also sold for 91 million dollars.

Warhol film- My Hustler®AWM
Warhol film- My Hustler®AWM

I recommend those who want to get to know him better to read his book”The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From a to B and Back Again” before the exhibiton. It’s a quite friendly and fun book. Warhol based his book on his recorder of which he mentions as”us”. He recorded his views on life and whatever comes to his mind on this recorder. The book consists of monologues on love, sex, food, beauty, art, fame, business, money, success and death. Well in fact, when you read”The Philosophy of Andy Warhol”, you find out that he actually does not have any philosophy. The book reveals the inner world of Warhol with all of one’s being.

Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburg in 1928 as the fourth child of a Slovenia migrant family. He moved to New York in 1945 and stayed there until his death. He made appearance as a designer in a short time. Until 1960s, his paintings on which he used silk-screen technique didn’t gain fame. He had contributions not only to plastic arts, also to music and cinema. For Warhol, everything that created the American culture was art materials. He is such a figure that he determines the agenda of New York art and bring forward popular names such as Dennis Hopper, Mick Jagger, Joan Collins and Liza Minnelli…

Warhol film- Screen Test-Jane Holzer®AWM
Warhol film- Screen Test-Jane Holzer®AWM

The exhibition in Galerist wlil held his works produced in the workshop, Factory which he established in New York in 1962. Warhol has always been in the public eye with his contradictory personality and was assassinated in 1968. He was seriously wounded. Surgeons had to open his chest and massage his heart to help stimulate its movement again. He could only be recovered after 2 months, surviving despite everything. Galerist will also feature his portraits which he made with the photos he took with polaroid camera during this period. Not only that, there will also be his works which involves fields such as music, film and design by which he iconized himself, belonging to popular culture.

The exhibition which can be visited in 3 different locations of Galerist in Galatasaray, Akaretler and Tepebaşı will end in 9th July. Do not miss this opportunity to get to know this extraordinary artist!

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