Exploded House by GAD Architecture

Architects:GAD Architecture
Interior Design:Hakan Ezer
Location: Bodrum, Turkey
Photographs:Ali Bekman,Özlem Erçil Avcıoğlu

Ideas behind the design are: an explosion of parts-open plan for outdoor living-passive ventilation-rainwater as a natural cooling system-harmony with landscape.

Bodrum is a Mediterranean port-trade settlement in the Southwest of Turkey. The area boasts a rich history of over three thousand years, including Hellenistic times. The venerated scientist Heredot was born there and sculptures by artists including Leochares, Bryaxis, and Timotheos were exhibited there and can now be found in museum collections around the world.

The outdated codes restrict new forms of architecture being introduced to the landscape. To overcome this and create a more flexible building type, GAD created a house made from three separate buildings – a metaphor for a single building that has been”exploded” into many parts. Each individual unit, which complies with the regulatory size of 75 square meters, is built next to one another with a narrow space in between and is linked by a glass atrium. Conceived as a single house, each building has a separate function: a master bedroom and bathroom; a kitchen and dining room; and a guesthouse with an adjacent study room.


Interior design: Owner has a vast antique collection, which consist of Hellenistic, Byzantine and Ottaman times. Generally there is always a problem for collectors houses to turn to a museum. Structural conditions like the climate, daylight, artificial light and security become more dominant than the daily life. Interior designerHakan Ezer successfully achieved to integrate these valuable collection pieces to the daily life without loosing the functionality.

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