Eylem Aladogan at Istanbul Art Biennale

The sculptures of Amsterdam-based artist, Eylem Aladogan are formed by her curiosity with the concept of power both in its origin within a person or organization as well as the interaction of power with an individual. Her most recent work, ‘listen to your soul, my blood is singing iron triggers that could be released’, displayed at the Istanbul Art Biennale 2011 examines the generation of willpower. Aladogan constructed the work from a sketch in which a stretched wing, with feathers in flight, are found interlaced with barrels of rifles. the piece is a blend of familiar shapes, such as barrels and butts of rifles and feathers, gracefully rising up from the ground in a swooping motion– the butts of the gun as the base and the barrels pointing towards the sky.



Please visit project’s gallery for more images.

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