Fanga-Hanging Clothes For The Lazy

Chair, bed or table- the number of places where we temporarly keep our clothes is nearly infinite.
But why do we keep them in places where they don’t belong and which are not meant for keeping clothes? The answe is quite simple: We are going the way of less resistence.


It is easier for us to hang our jacket over the chair than open up the closet, take out the hanger, hang the jacket up onto hanger and then put it into the closet.


“Fanga” (a Swedish word)means “ Catch!” and that is exactly what Fanga is for. It catces all your clothes. With one simple and quick move you can throw or lay your jacket into the bended steel module or hang it onto its arm.


Fixed to the wall or to the ceiling. It is stackable due to its minimalistic form.


Images: Dirk Biotto

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