Filiz Başaran “Paintings, Prints” at Galeri Aplel

Galeri Apel presents an exhibition of works selected from Filiz Başaran’s portfolio of printed engravings, produced from 1975 until recently…

Interpretations of nature and humans come to the fore in the composition of engravings created by scratching zinc and copper plates with needle points using a subtle technique in which thought and sensitivities intermingle. As women, birds, a lion, rooms, pricked needles, burnt matches, blossoms, thorny gardens, students, and soldiers tell their own stories, they offer the audience the opportunity to view a new adventure.


And in some of her engravings, the artist creates a different world by transforming them into mixed-media oil paintings.

Filiz Başaran is one of original figures who merges her artist’s sensitivity with her identity as an educator. Having graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts in 1972, Filiz Başaran went on to teach in the Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, where she continues to work as a full professor.

The artist has held solo exhibitions of oil paintings, prints, and works in various media. This exhibition, in which her engravings are presented collectively, will have its opening at Gallery Apel on April 9 and will be on view until May 9…

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