First Certified “Green” Project in the Philippines by Oppenheim Architecture

First Certified“Green” Project in the Philippines by Oppenheim Architecture + Design

Leading international“green” architect Chad Oppenheim of Oppenheim Architecture + Design was selected by top Philippine developer, The Net Group, to design the nation’s first certified green project in Taguig City, Philippines.

The First Design Under BERDE (The Philippines New Green Standart) Rating System

Compared to the LEED system, based in the US, BERDE answers to the ecological needs of Filipinos in their own environment. As such, The New Metropolis project leads the way in translating internationally accepted green building practices into a national set of standards adapted to the local conditions and environment.

“As the rating systems from other countries didn’t apply to our tropical weather, laws, best practice, or realities, local industry clamored for our own green building rating system” says Raymond Rufino, Executive Vice President for The Net Group.

Situated in the prime center of the country’s main CBD, The Net Metropolis was conceived as a landmark to represent the developers’ next generation of iconic and ecologically responsive buildings.

The Net Metropolis superblock has 3 office towers ranging from 24 to 40 stories that rest on 6 levels of above-grade parking, and a fully-arcaded retail and parking podium enhanced by 2 amenity parks which function not only as open amenity spaces but also as landscaped focal points. Derived from a study of solar conditions and outward views, the towers are orientated so each is rotating off the other’s axis, with each subsequent structure fanning out in a dynamic and non-monotonous cascading direction. Each tower is wrapped with leading edge diagonal aluminum solar screen overlays to minimize incident solar heat gain and optimize natural light while preserving the scenic views. These screens form over sails that define the aspirational form of the towers that point to the heavens above.

The Net Metropolis“leads” the way by being the World Green Building Council’s (WGBC) sole Pilot Project for the Philippines. The WGBC promotes design, construction, and management methods that are ecologically and socially responsible, safe and healthy. More specifically it transforms internationally accepted green building practices into a national set of standards that are adapted to the local conditions and environment.

Product of a collaboration amongst some of the most reputable professionals in the industry, from the developers/investors, to the architects, engineers, consultants, project managers and constructors, The Net Metropolis has not only achieved its objectives but also created a truly unique gem.


– Building Envelope consisting of Sun Shading and a Full Glass Curtain Wall featuring double glazed low-emissivity glass: Reduces costs and energy use associated with A/C.

– (GRP) Fiberglass fuel storage tanks with built-in leak detection for generators used during power outages: Compared to industry standard steel tanks, these tanks reduce the risk of leaks and contamination. They also have a life span twice as long and can easily be repaired and serviced.

– Harvesting of Condensate Water from A/C: Instead of wasting the condensate water, this is collected into a separate tank to be used for landscaping, cleaning, and other needs for the building.

– Cold Air Recycling: A portion of cool exhaust air is ducted to provide comfort cooling to arcade area in front of lobby.

– Required all members of the Project Team to be members of the PHILGBC.

The Net Metropolis, 5th Ave.
Scope: 1,550,000 SF mixed-use, office/retail complex occupying a 3-acre block.
Master Planning/Architecture.
Date: Estimated completion of 1st building, Net Lima, 2011.
Estimated final completion of complex 2014.
Location: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines.
Renderings by: Luxigon

Images, Courtesy of Oppenheim Architecture + Design

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