Fisher Street Residence by Chris Barret Design

This modern beach house exudes a casual sophistication, drawing influence from Frank Sinatra to the surf culture of Manhattan beach. The open architecture seamlessly integrates the exterior elements with the vibrant color palette of the interior.

Chris Barrett Design is inspired at its roots by the brilliant light and clean sensibility of the California landscape. In keeping with the designer’s profound love of the land, Barrett also develops her design projects in a way that encourages the principles of environmental sustainability. Livable outdoor spaces that extend naturally from fresh, light-filled interiors are a hallmark of the designers’ work, as are interiors that reflect the spaciousness and order of nature. Barrett’s finely tuned sense of history is the crowning achievement in all of the firm’s interior design projects, offering decoration that has an”accumulated over time” sensibility.

Adept at fusing electrifying color combinations, multi-cultural reference points and hand-crafted elements into a singular vision, Barrett’s team mantra is to stay strong about the story…

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