FLEXi Stretch

As you may know, not only in the sports events or trainings, the calf muscles are also can be curved or lessen their importance by depending on the age of the individual.

Driving from these necesitties and the indispensability of these muscle groups -which can also be the basic supporters for mobility and flexibility of our body- a student designer from the University of Technology of Sydney, Daniela Bruinsma, has designed a calf stretching equipment named FLEXi Stretch that is especially for people aged 65 and above.

Basically, the FLEXi Stratch will stretch calf muscles when the leg is curved. Moreover, it also will lessen the cramping possibilities and boost blood flow. By the help its V-lock mechanism, it will be so easy to initiating it from a low intensity stretch (increment 1), to an advance levels up to 7.

As Architecture of Life, we believe that not only for solving the actual problems like injuries and such, these kind of designs and projects are also for maintain’n raise the life standards of the society… Or in other words, like in the motto of the Art. Lebedev Studio:

Design will save the World!

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