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How beautiful is to travel alone… And how beautiful more is to travel with ‘The One’. Now we know that the Russian photographer Murad Osmann found his ‘The One’; Natalia Zakharova. They are travelling to destinations most people can only dream about. And during their trips, they started a series as they called: Follow Me To.


With her back turned, while leading his way to any place they want, all in this series, we can see their hands holding each other’s. She also guides us to some very special places of the Earth and he keeps on shooting their newest achievement with his iPhone or SLR camera to post them on Instagram (…

Let’s take a look!

AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_01 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_02 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_03 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_04 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_05 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_06 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_07 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_08 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_09 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_10 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_11 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_12 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_13 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_14 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_15 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_17 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_18 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_19 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_20 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_21 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_22 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_23 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_24 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_25 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_26 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_27 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_28 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_29 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_30 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_31 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_32 AOL_Murad_Osmann_Follow_Me_To_33

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