Frame Chair? How?

Ola Giertz, who is known for his different and charming designs such as Haus Candleholder, Pearl Light, Clothing House, has sent us the details and images of his latest project “Frame Chair”.

Frame is a easychair that works like a three-dimensional picture in different rooms and environments, and frames the person who sit in it. At the same time it has a high degree of spatiality because of the walls and the ceiling, which let you have your own quiet space.


Frame invites to a number of different ways to sit on. Sit in the middle like you sit on a pallet, creep up in the easychair and lean against a side, or place the furniture against a wall and use it like a backrest.

Another advantage is the sitting from two different directions, which is possible because it has no front or backside. This also enables you to place several Frame next to eachother, which creates a longer tunnel.

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Ola-Giertz-frame-chair Ola-Giertz-frame-chair-9 Ola-Giertz-frame-chair-6 Ola-Giertz-frame-chair-5 Ola-Giertz-frame-chair-4 Ola-Giertz-frame-chair-2 Ola-Giertz-frame-chair-1 Ola-Giertz-frame-chair--8

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