Frenzy Birds: Wrenz

Traditional or utopic, there are a lot of speaker designs with various uselful features and/or aesthetics. But these little but frenzy birdies, designed by Gavio, offers us to “Take flight to a new dimension in sound” 

Basically, Wrenz are portrays nature at its finest at the palm of your hand. By the way, their size are no larger than your palm! This finely crafted work of art inspires modern living with its timeless, smooth flowing design. Modest in size, Wrenz is fully capable of delivering powerful and high-quality rich sound. With the in-built rechargeable battery, the Wrenz brings speaker power efficiency to new levels and with great convenience. But how about the wires? Well, all key items are hidden away. The LED indicator will glow at the top, behind the speaker mesh when switched on. All connection ports are hidden away behind the tail cover and is easily accessible when needed.

They also have a chain feature for you to connect them together to form a symphony of your own!

Simple as they seem, the Wrenz are ready to tweet in your own ecosystem.

You can also twitch them in their natural environment!

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