From 1900s to Present: Design in Beyoğlu

Industrial Designers Society of Turkey  (IDST) was supported by Istanbul Development Agency for its Increasing the Global Competitive Strength of Industrial Design Sector: Industrial Design Promoting Agency and Virtual Museum Project in the past year.

Under this supported project, various sectoral meetings that bring designers and industrialists together, a searching conference, children’s workshops and many other activities had taken place throughout the year. The final activity of this intense year is‘IDST From Past to Present: Design in Beyoğlu’ exhibition.

In this exhibition that is held in Beyoğlu Municipality Art Gallery, products from the past and present were matched and placed together. While the visitors oversee Beyoğlu of the past and present with its photographs, they also get the chance to compare products from various different sectors such as graphic design, packaging, household accessories and furniture with their historic processes.

The exhibition which we can think of as the real life reflection of Industrial Design Virtual Museum(IDVM) is focused on Beyoğlu mainly because of its contributor Beyoğlu Municipality.

The exhibition presents to visitors design influenced life styles, fashions and period objects with their production diversities that reach even today of Beyoğlu– which has been a center of innovation since the second half of the 19th century – via photos and ephemera. Therefore, products by local and foreign brands that were in Beyoğlu until 1940s and products designed by modern-day Turkish designers are presented side by side.

You can interpret the historic process over the old and new wrappings of Bomonti Beer or packages of Markiz patisserie and packages designed by Can Yalman for Kahve Dünyası, and furthermore, celebrate the history by the beauty of the aged.

It’s impossible not to be awed when one sees the current Yeni Rakı bottle designed by Gamze Güven and Mete Ahışka next to the nostalgic rakı bottle. On the other hand, the naïve and romantic tea set next to Faruk Malhan’s İstanbul tea glass and KorayÖzgen’s tray shows us the changes in designers’ interpretation in 60 years.

For more, you can visit the exhibiton until June 22nd… Also, if you want to read and learn more about the industrial designers, brands, chronology in Turkey, IDVM presents you with an opportunity.

Photos taken by Mehmet Okutan  and Burcu Avcı.

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