From Europe to Asia: Studio Mango

Studio Mango  is a multidiciplinary design firm with innovative product design, engineering and conceptual project services. The team, which has 5 members as engineers and designers, is able to realize your ideas or design new projects for your brand.

For more information about team and their design approach, check out interview below.

Who is Studio Mango?

Studio Mango is a team of designers and engineers who are specialised in innovative product development. In 2007 we started our Dutch Studio, in this Studio we have Frank Hanssen, Paul Hendrikx, Renate de Klein and we always have 2 interns in our team. Then in 2011 we opened our Studio in Hong-Kong where the team members are Erick Sze, Sideman Wong and also 2 interns are in the team.

What does Studio Mango do?

As a studio we are very good in creating innovative concepts but most innovative concepts require difficult engineering to be realized. So the innovation and product design comes first, here we create new idea’s and designs for our clients. Then what follows is the engineering, from designing plastic molds until programming of electrical components. Also we have a lot of clients who come to us with an idea but they need someone to realize it, in that case we only do the engineering part. An example of this is the electric car charging stations for Eneco.

How could you seperate the departments?

We are a small team and everybody has his own strengths and weaknesses which we know about. Most of the time we select one or two team members to work on a certain project and then they finish it completely. But with most brainstorm sessions and idea generation phases we all work together to come to the most innovative and smart solutions.

And your Persian Explosion project is a new approach to carpet design. How was the process?

The Persian Explosion was made for Umbra and sold as a one time series through Bed, Bath and Beyond. This store is like the American IKEA. Umbra approached us with the question that they needed a new rug to be designed and that they wanted something new. Again a brainstorm followed and one of our designers mentioned that he really loved Persian carpets but that they are too old fashioned. Together with our graphic designer the mission was determined to design a new style Persian rug which would appeal to young people but respect the centuries old heritage of the Persian carpet.

Studio Mango is trying to design in different ranges. Could you say any of these diciplines make the team more motivated?

Everything is a challenge, we only do projects for people we like and if we find it worthwhile. We create our own motivation, if the product which is asked of us to be designed is boring our goal is to make it exciting through a new shape, function, production method or material.

What is next in Studio Mango? 

We just came back from InterZoo were our latest collection of pet products for PetsInn were exhibited with great success. Last week our new collection for Haans was exhibited in Paris. And at the moment in our studio we are working on a lot of new items. As examples, we could say electric vehicle for Toyota, car charging station with solar cells, shelves and brackets, lighting, pet products, bicycles, baby stroller, furniture, pot and pan collection, vases and clocks.

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