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Caisa Culture Center  is hosting, a World Design Capital event, organized by Turkish Embassy Information Counselor’s Office and Istanbul Technical University, ‘Table of Contents: Contemporary Tableware Design from Istanbul’ exhibition.

The main theme of the exhibition is to introduce the Turkish culinary culture through the modern tableware products, designed by Istanbul-based designers. You could see the exhibition until 12nd of June.

Selection, by ITU Dept. Of. Industrial Product Design Staff, was made according to two criteria: the products are mass-produced even though some of them are hand-made and all are made by designers who live, understand and respond to everyday life in Istanbul.

In this exhibition, there are 52 products designed by 25 Istanbul-based designers. You could find the designers name list below:

Oya Akman,Ümit Altun– Design-um Tasarım Ekibi, Ali Bakova, Demet Bilici, Ela Cindoruk, MinisÇolakyan, Alev Ebuzziya Siesbye, Gamze Güven, Semiha Kan, Umut Sinan Karaca, Kerim Korkmaz, Defne Koz, Faruk Malhan, İnci Mutlu, Tamer Nakışçı, Hasan Demir Obuz, Sema Obuz, Burcu Akbulut Onur, Kunter Şekercioğlu, Adlıhan Tartan,Özlem Tuna, FundaÜnal, Ertunç Vatanperver, Can Yalman, Seza Yeğin.

There is an another exhibition, under the name‘Timetable’. The Project of‘Timetable’ is an exhibition concept, which has been designed in 2011-2012 Fall Semester ‘Advanced Design Project I’ course. The project aims to reflect the present and past of Turkish Food Culture with a projection to the future of it.

Past is represented by an extensive historical research, present by the help of ethnographic videos, captured by students on their specific areas, like Coffee, Tea, Breakfast, Ice-cream, Halva, Mantı and Pasta. Future is projected by conceptual food designs of students related to their subject fed by the analysis based on the research on past and present.

You could find the name list of the students below.

N. İlknur Sevinç, Nehir Taştan, Melike Mühür, Canan Kurtuluş, Fabio Aloisi, Valentina Passato, Neslihan Tepehan.

The exhibition is prepared and organized by Assist.Prof.Dr.Çiğdem Kaya and Res.Assist. Koray Gelmez. ITU Dept. Of. Industrial Product Design Staff– Prof. Dr. Alpay Er, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Şebnem TimurÖğüt, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hümanur Bağlı, Assist.Prof.Dr. Gülname Turan – and Aslıhan Oğuz, who graduated from this department, took active role in the process.

Thanks to Şebnem TimurÖğüt and Matti Kemppainen for the photos…

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