Furniture Made From Pallets?

Recycling… When it was a work for preventing environmental pollution and reusing old objects to save money, it has been a favourite activity preferred to do in the spare times for having fun and reflecting people’s design skills. From glass bottles, casettes, old clothes to pallets that are used to carry products in the markets. It is possible to create interesting and functional pieces of furniture from ordinary “pallets”.

As Architecture of Life, we have chosen the best ones that are created by pallets among hundreds of works. Here are the great ideas for your houses or gardens made from pallets by using some paint,some glass and a few wheels:

What about a colourful coat rack?


 A comfortable piece of furnite for living room:


A functional coffee-table:


A bedstead that can be coloured:


A nice bookcase:


A headboard that can be coloured or by adding some colourful objects on.


A great garden furniture set:


A nice place to listen to music or read book:


Tv set?


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