Fuzo: 5 Functions With 1 Form

Designer Bertrand Besnard designed a piece of furniture that changes depending on how it is put together. The furniture piece that can be used as a shelf, seat, footrest, locker or pot is the eventual point in functionality!


The furniture consisting of three main elements can be used as an empty pocket, small shelf, high seat, a footrest, a locker or a pot.


Starting an object with no specific function, the design attracts attention with its adaptable form to many functions besides it is fun and functional.



aol-bertrand-besnard-fuzo-05 aol-bertrand-besnard-fuzo-06 aol-bertrand-besnard-fuzo-07 aol-bertrand-besnard-fuzo-08 aol-bertrand-besnard-fuzo-09 aol-bertrand-besnard-fuzo-10

Images © Charles Seuleusian

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