GAD: Bodrum Sloped House

Sloped House, whichGAD plans to build on a sloped, 7 decares area that is surrounded by olive trees, is the first of five villas that they plan to build in this area.

Although the other buildings in the project that will be built in Bodrum Hebil Bay with a sea view will have the same design as the first one, they will be designed with the flexibility of adding/subtracting depending on the properties of their building site. As with most GAD projects, this project also realizes its harmony with the environment not by hurting the nature, but by conforming to it.

The roof of the house is designed as a ramp that contains living spaces underneath. In terms of arrangment of the living areas; the guest room and a bathroom is placed in the first floor, while the second floor contains the living room and the kitchen and the third floor contains the bedroom and another bathroom.

In the general structure of the building, industrial materials and traditional materials such as wood and stone are used in combination. Furthermore, to take as much advantage of natural light and view as possible, special attention was paid for glass walls and spacious inner areas.

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