Ginza Steak by Doyle Collection

Doyle Collection have designed a new steak restaurant in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan.

Through the needs of client, Doyle Collection was to create high quality and dignity interior using genuine materials. Specially-manufactured, one piece solid board panels with different grain pattern expressions have been used instead of stones to constitute the walls. The symmetrically laid and pasted panels have the apperiances of a marbles with the warm feeling of wood. After dyied in three different types, panels have been polished leaving the wooden texture. This way, the designers were able to create totally new-type-material.

Oya-stones (famous stones that represent Japan) have been used in decoration to make contrast with the shiny wooden panels. On the wooden door of hanging cupboards, the surfaces are curved in the technique called Naguri, also famous for Japanese traditional curving.

Whole wall is occupied by the transmissive stones at the private dining room, as well as the grids which made with mirrored square pipes.

It is a place to make you feel special through the beautiful energy of these chosen stones.

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