Glamorous Designs by ODESD2

Our team, always following the best and newest design projects, is presenting incredibly comfortable and elegant lounge chairs designed by Odesd2.

Here are the marvellous projects which have elegance, comfort and art at the same time:

It is based on Richard Buckminster Fuller’s spherical thin-shell structure, which is used for creating the geodesic domes. As is known, such domes have high load carrying capacity, but can be rapidly created of the light elements.


Q1 chair like geodesic dome: it can withstand heavy loads, while remaining visually easy.The inside of the chair upholstered with felt to keep warm, soft parts are made of chenille with flocking substrate. Hollowfiber® is used for filling, it’s an environmentally friendly synthetic material capable of retaining its shape, unlike classical fillers.

The spherical shape of the chair provides the most comfortable and natural fit for human and appearance makes it versatile for both the public and home interiors.

Q1_1 Q1_2 Q1_3 Q1_4 Q1_5 Q1_6 Q1_7 Q1_9 Q1_10 Q1_11 Q1_12 Q1_13

Q1 Black
It’s been a year since we presented the Q1 chair. Inspired by a spherical shell by Richard Buckminster Fuller, Q1 has become the most popular object of our bureau in 2014.


During the year, the chair participated in several exhibitions, was published in Ukrainian and foreign media such as SALON, ArchIdea, KAZA, HOME Interior, Yanko design, The Verge, Interview Germany and has received positive reviews from critics:
“Tout droit sorti d’un film de science fiction, le Q1 Lounge Chair est un fauteuil design aux inspirations futuristes!” – Blog Deco Maison
“Well, regardless of its classification, geometry is absolutely crucial to design. Take the Q1 Lounge Chair by ODESD2” – Redesign Revolution, Maddie Potter
“Dieser Sessel schlagt zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe. Innen ist er schon gemutlich und kuschelig, au?en so stachelig, dass Storenfriede ganz sicherlich fern bleiben” – Interview Germany
“Ukrainsk design nar den ar som bast, om du fragar mig” – Design And Stuff, Linnea Salmen
“Non ce fauteuil ne vient pas de l’imagination de George Lucas mais plutot de celle du studio Ukrainien ODESD2” – Skull mag, Pierre Donnet
Today we are pleased to present an updated version of the chair – Q1 black – made in a dark color and leather.


In the volume of silence
Future Shock has become a shock of the present. The speed of  the future advent exceeds the speed of our adaptation to changes. The unnecessary information hid houses, friends, and even the sky from us. Time as a universal value becomes more expensive and inaccessible. Efforts at the information’s sorting and consumption exceed a useful effect of her. The need to stop at the right place at the right time is a prerequisite of the next step.


We have returned personal space to the man. The V1 chair gives you the retire in any room volume. Outside – one of the most durable yet lightweight materials, aluminum. Inside – felt – the nonwoven fabric, maximally absorbing the sound. The acoustic atmosphere of the chair’s internal volume allows you to focus on your thoughts and feelings. Large soft cushions are made of chenille with flock substrate and hollofayber is used as a filling. There is enough space both for single and joint rest.
Facts that made us take thought:
–  The term “future shock” was defined by futurist Alvin Toffler in the eponymous book in 1970.
– The human brain is able to perceive and accurately process the information at a speed of up to 25 bits per second. Such speed of data assimilation enables a person to read up to three thousand books throughout life, on condition that each day he will take 50 pages of text.
– This July scientists have found a new speed record of data transmission via optical fiber – 43 terabits per second. Transmission of the two-hour movie channel in high definition with this channel takes a couple of milliseconds. The analog human can’t keep up with the rate and volume of such data transmission.
– As a whole for 100 years the movement speed of transport increased 100 times,timesspeed of communication systems operation has increased 10million times, the rate of data processing have increased 1 million times.

V1_lounge_chair_2 V1_lounge_chair_3 V1_lounge_chair_6 V1_lounge_chair_7 V1_lounge_chair_9 V1_lounge_chair_10 V1_lounge_chair_11 V1_lounge_chair_12 V1_lounge_chair_13

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