Gonçalo Campos Wallmonds Series Continues; Wallmonds Shelves

Wallmonds Collection of Gonçalo Campos is a classic of its own. A new one has been added to the collection- the designs follow each other.

Camos, designing Wallmonds Elastics Frame, Wallmonds Hanger and Wallmonds Mirror Frame has presented Wallmonds Shelves which were designed for keeping things at hand, in a elegant and sculptural product. Enclosed in a solid wood frame, one of the features that unifies the concept, nudging at their decorative appeal and their place on the wall.


Very robust and made for everyday use, this product was made to stand out and serve as a simple display for cherished and dear objects. Ideal for tight house entrances and living rooms these little shelves allow each one to create a composition with a selection of objects.

The arrangement of these shelves was studied to support items of different dimentions and allows it to be used in a house entrance, as a place to leave keys, wallet, etc… fusing decoration and functionality in one simple product.

It’s solid and simple construction uses Birch Plywood and Beech wood for the frame. All the wood used is treated with natural oils.The dimensions are: 60x80x5cm

Wallmonds-Shelves-Closed Wallmonds-Shelves-Context-2 Wallmonds-Shelves-Detail-Corner Wallmonds-Shelves-Detail-Side Wallmonds-Shelves-Open Wallmonds-Shelves-Perspective Wallmonds-Shelves-White

Images: Gonçalo Campos

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