GOOD 50*70 Exhibition – IDW 2010

GOOD 50*70 exhibition consisted of posters sized 50×70, as the name suggests, with social themes and displayed our general discontent with the world.

The posters drew attention to world hunger, immigrants’ rights to equality, protection of the marine eco-system, animals almost in extinction, support for South Africa’s bid for World Cup, etc. It was exciting to see posters, one more creative than the other, drawn by graphic designers from all over the world.

I loved the style of the poster Hunger, designed by the Polish artist Lucasz Jankowski. I quickly looked around to see how many Turks had taken place and what they had done and loved the works, Legality is sleeping with the fishes by EmreÜlüş, Immigrant by Deniz Karagül and Put Together for Africa by Ali Seylan. The poster with migrating birds is also by a Turkish artist, if I am not mistaken. And I found out from these posters that HIV positive people have restricted freedom to travel. It was a beautiful exhibition that helped increase our sensitivity.

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