Gravier Apartments, Beyoğlu

Istanbul is a very beautiful city but…
For whom?!

I have to admit, I envy the people who will live in the Gravier Apartments!
Cenk Karayazgan fromVimana Design talks about their latest project;Gravier Apartments;
Gravier Apartments is a 2nd degree historical building in Beyoğlu’s Sıraselviler Street. This beautiful Art Nouveau structure was built towards the end of the 19th century. There are no records about who the architect of the building was…

The interior architectural concept and the management of the project belong to Vimana Design. The fortification project is carried out by Art-Yol whereas the application of the fortification is applied by Kuter.

In Turkey, most of the 2nd and 3rd degree historical structures are restored by preserving the old façade and rebuilding the interior with steel or concrete. Cenk Karayazgan, from Vimana Design excitedly told us how happy they were about the owner’s– Prospera Estate– being highly meticulous and sensitive about the preservation of history, just as they themselves were.

“The thing is, if there is a proper budget, it is possible to preserve history simply by reinforcing the interior, without tearing down. These buildings are pieces of art with their ceilings, walls, elevators and built-in block marble stairs. You cannot build the same stairs again today because you cannot find the master masons needed. Think of all the great artists who took part in building walls or stairs all these years…” says Cenk Karayazgan from Vimana Design.

This is why they are so particular and so very excited; to present people a view of the past… The bell on the door is so original that you have to turn the tiny handle to ring it and it once it said“Please ring” on it in German. They gathered the pieces of old door bells and re-molded them together to produce new pieces. Enthusiastically, they discover the past, put the pieces together and never try to take the easy way out. The electrical and mechanical infrastructure is technologically highly advanced but what we see on the plastered surface are turn-switches to turn the lights on. The infrastructure of the elevator is like a brand new Mercedes but it looks like 1905 Ford. The gauge of the elevator is produced in the States and this will be the first elevator in Istanbul with a mechanic gauge panel both in and outside the cabin. and the cellar of the building goes about 7-8 meters down and below there is a cistern. The cistern will be visible from the floors of the cellar.

The project is still under construction and when it is completed I want to ring the bells of these beautiful apartments and witness the lives of the people living there!

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