Great Photographs from National Geographic

These photographs are from National Geographic which always gets the greatest photos, videos and news about environment, adventure and animals…

As Architecture of Life we have chosen the best photographs of National Geographic for you. You will see and feel emotion, story or natural beautyin each photograph. Let’s look at them:


True love… The mother cat puts its arms on the kitten…


Siberian tigers. There are only 400-500 left in the world in wild environment.


One of the poor flightless birds… What does it tell by its lovely blue eyes?


They also fall in love…


This lovely baby harp seal is waiting for its mom… The mom is able to recognise its cub among hundreds of harp seals just by its scent.


While Monarch butterflies are migrating…


Although they are fast, wild and strong, they always seem upset. Here, the cheetah family is looking as if they are watching a tearjerker.


Do not think that it is lovely and adorable while it was sleeping! It is very dangerous and at the top of the Arctic food chain.


The puppy takes after its father, it will be like him in the future.

Images: National Geographic

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