Green Trails of the Black!


No matter where we are, as the people who live in metropolises, we have two common problems that are routine and fixed: The expenses and the traffic. While goverments intend to solve these nuisances with so-called improvements of public trasport sytems, legal regulations or alternative routes, the society and the individual always prefer a shorter and cheaper way–which comes with a blink the fact of the living and mental conditions.

Now it seems that one of these bones is being picked by a unique manufacturer!
The sparkling BlackTrail is the high-class product ofPG-Bikes -who is a German bike manufacturer. With a limited production of 667 pieces, this electric bike is a state of the art with its retrospectively designed green technology.


The price… Um, 59.500€ each. Actually“Was” before sold-out. ButPG-Bikes also have an other series named BlackBlock, which has the same qualifications (such as the parts and the Clean Mobile UN 3480 Certificate) with an affordable price range. These electric bikes, which are a work of collaboration with a German carbon fiber products company namedUBC, supplied by a Hybrid motor with a capacity of 48 Volt 1,2 kW/150 Nm. Battery life is (minimum) 150 load cycles while each loading session takes 3 hours up to 100 percent. In the basic models, top speed is 25km/h while upper models take the limit to 45km/h in a range of 80km up to 200km. Every model supported by Shimano 8 gear and Madura disk brakes with a maximum loading capacity of 125 kg.PG-Bikes give a guarantee time of 15 years for the frame and 4 years to batteries and motor.


Set sailed with their motto“Be unique!”, thePGseems to be bound and determined to strenghten their place in the sector with the partnership of companies with similar visions and unique characters. Even regular bicycle designs are a proof of that. Check them out!

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