Grilled Fruits!

Think for a while, forcing your imagination, without saying ‘it’s impossible!’… Grill the fruit, imagine you prepare delicious desserts… You must be sure that it is much more enjoyable, delicious and appetizing than you imagine. We believe that some of our readers have already tried them but for the ones who have never grilled the fruit, we hope these recipes will be inspiring.

Do not think that they are impossible, surprise everybody with your grilled fruit salads on your energetic tables on long summer evenings!

Here are the best grilled fruit recipes that we selected:

1- Grilled Plum Salad


Your purple salad with balsamic vinegar, blue cheese, walnut, lettuce, basil and grilled plum will be your dinig table’s star! (Source: La Domestique)

2- Grilled Fruit Skewers


Thread a strawberry, pineapple and cake on a skewer, repeating two more times per skewer.  Heat the honey and lime juice and brush on each skewer. Grill them. Melt the chocolate and drizzle the melted chocolate on the fruit skewers. Everyone will love them!


(source: Shanty )

3- Grilled Pineapple with Coconut Sorbet


It’s okay to have dessert – in moderation. Here thejazzed up grilled pineapple with fresh mint and mini scoops of sorbet. If you like, you can serve with whatever you want.  (Source: Martha Stewart)

4- Sangria with Grilled Fruit Recipe


Sangria… a Spanish drink of red wine mixed with lemonade, fruit, and spices. Why don’t we put grilled fruit slices? Add extra depth and sweetness to sangria. (Source: Mc Cormick )

5- Grilled Apple


Marinate honey, ginger, mint, black pepper and apple slices in the refrigerator. Then gril them. You can serve these highly flavored grilled apple rings as a side with pork or chicken, or even as a dessert. (Source: My Recipes )

6- Grilled Fruit with Honey and Yogurt


How about grilling peach and plum slices by drizzling olive oil? Drizzle cut side with honey and place on plate or bowl  set over unflavored yogurt. Easy to prepare, healthy and delicious… You can click Playin With My Food to see how to prepare.

7- Grilled Melon & Prosciutto Skewers


Melon with prosciutto is a classic Italian antipasto. String balls of cantaloupe on bamboo skewers (and between the melon, fold in salty ribbons of prosciutto. When grilled lightly, these skewered hors d’oeuvres have a smoky warmth and sweetness that pairs perfectly with a glass of fruity sangria. A perfect beginning to any summer meal. You can visit Capital Style for detailed recipe.

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