Group Sculpture Exhibition; “IMs” Filling Spaces…

As the summer comes, the art schedule is getting quite busy.Artgalerim Nişantaşı Art Gallery has opened the new season with the sculpture exhibition”8-İM”. Although the opening date coincided with the Andy Warhol exhibition in Galerist, Summer Exhibition in Antrepo and some others, it was remarkably crowded.

Works of 8 young sculptors (Evren Erol, CeylanÖztürk, IşıkÖzçelik, K. Deniz Pireci, Meliha Sözeri, Serdar Kaynak, Serkan Yüksel, Şenay Ulusoy), each one of them with its own style, are quite impressive. Looking at the analysis in the works, their relationship with materials and the language they formed pull us closer to forms filling spaces. The artists establish a dialogue with the audience over their works.

These works which reflect the”zeitgeist” being so close to the audience should mean that the artists do not ignore the reality, which is what makes these pieces”MARKs” (“İM”).


I especially like”Take it Easy” by Deniz Pireci. Graduated from Ceramic Department in Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Pireci has recently been performing installations of porcelain units. Her works transmit parts of a whole.


“Yedigen” by IşıkÖzçelik is just great. What excites a sculptor is the adventure with materials and After this period of adventure, when the work is presented to the audience, the artist will be pursuing new ideas.


The basic expression elements of the art of Evren Erol in his sculptures are the power struggle between the nature and human and the questions that his existence and mind make up.


I was very impressed by the works of”Ayrılık”,”Adanmış Yalnızlık” by Serdar Kaynak. According to the artist, the durability of life is the continuity of the change emitted to infinity in material and energy, parting from the intellectual nature of art. And the process of art is the expression of”eternal quest” affected by the durability of life in an imaginative way.


Accordng to Serkan Yüksel, it’s not about”hearing”, but it is trying to reach the null subject behind the meanings of what you hear. Sculptures prick up their ears toward the audience… Acting as if they want to tell their stories to us, they actually try to listen our own stories.


In Şenay Ulusoy’s work,”Eve Kalmış”, was an humorous approach which gave me much pleasure.


And”İsimsiz” by Meliha Sözeri reminded me our journey towards the infinity, pulling us to pieces. I’m sure you will find another meaning based on your reality.


In CeylanÖztürk’s works, she aims the irony and humor always available in a structure but always ignored if not expressed.


In short, you’d rather visit the exhibition if you happen to pass Nişantaşı!

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