Gubei Pedestrian Promenade By SWA Group

Landscape Architecture: SWA Group

Team Members:Ying-Yu Hung, Gerdo Aquino, Hyun-Min Kim, Leah Broder, Kui-Chi Ma, Dawn Dyer, Yoonju Chang, Shuang Yu, Ryan Hsu, John Loomis, Jack Wu, Al Dewitt, Youngmin Kim

Location:Shanghai, China


Area of Promenade: 700 meters in length and averaging 60m in width;
Area of mixed use residential project: 35.6 hectare


Large open space parks running perpendicular to the promenade on both ends.

The expressive geometries of the glass tile fountain compliment the tree allee and offers respite from the surrounding urban context (left). At over 700m in length and 50-80 meters in width, the public promenade is comprised of 3 distinct blocks (right).


A glimpse into the promenade’s central plaza. A layered design of flowering Cherries, Azaleas, a polycarbonate bench and an interactive fountain heighten the activities of this flexible community space.


Choreographed plantings comprised of striking colors, textures and scale strengthen the promenade’s linear orientation and provides ample porous surfaces for stormwater runoff collection and filtration.


As the feature tree for the entire project, Gingko biloba adds fall color throughout the promenade while its latent ecological value maintains an adaptive disposition to adverse environmental conditions such as air and soil pollution.


Pedestrian bridges cross over vegetated swales designed to filter stormwater and encourage urban ecological habitats.


Level changes in the promenade serve as transitional elements between primary pedestrian circulation and gathering spaces. A contiguous tree canopy over the promenade provides much needed shade during hot summers, while reducing urban heat island effect.


Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the promenade is its ability to combine strong design language with the needs of an‘everyday’ open space. Contrasting paving patterns blend harmoniously with tree wells, pebble-concealed slot drain system, benches and planting areas.

Photography: Tom Fox

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