One of the most important women representatives of Modern Turkish Art, Gülten İmamoğlu, who is named “Organic Metastrata” widely mentioned with her unique style, holds an exhibition in Ekol Art Gallery of İzmir between the dates 19 April – 29 May 2015.

Gülten İmamoğlu is an important representative of Modern Turkish Art who has won many international awards. Also, her paintings have been exhibited in museums and special collections abroad.


Gülten İmamoğlu defines life as “a deep story that is outside of our mental images, in which we experience our own being, and hold its own miracles.” Every painting she creates is one part of a whole that completes this story of the universe. She believes that words only carry the experiences into a level of man’s understanding also emphasizing that art contributes to life by its power of expression when the voice of words are not enough to be expressed.

Gülten İmamoğlu states that she basically questions humanity’s fact of “being born into light and disappearing into light” and its hopelessness against time that rules it. She creates abstract sculptural images, and ignores the concept of direction by creating a balance from every angle. She says: “Because, everything is on a balance in this universe and the universe has no upside or downside or right or left. The universe is an abstract eternity that holds miracles inside. Human is a minor reflection of the universe and he tries to resolve its limits through his intuitions.”


In this exhibition of hers, while handling the issue of humanity’s helplessness against time, she also shapes the journey between life and death and the endless circle of universe in layers.

With its outstanding works special for the exhibition, Gülten İmamoğlu’s “Toward the Light” meets with art lovers in Ekol Art Gallery between the dates 19 April – 29 May 2015.

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