Has Istanbul Had Enough “Design”?

This Sunday  was the last day of Istanbul Design Week (IDW). In the 5-day long organization, IDW hosted some of the most famous designers in the world at the Old Galata Bridge and Santral Istanbul.
Istanbul Design Week organization, which included exhibitions, workshops and conferences, seemed weaker than the previous years but still the speakers who are quite successful in their own fields saved the day. I’ll talk about the enlightenment I have received from the speakers and the independent designers in the coming days. But today, I would like to provide with a quick tour for those who couldn’t make it to the organization…

IDW, while gathering together the design world, started a campaign to make Istanbul the Design Capital of 2014. The first mission of the organization was to improve design awareness. Esma Ekmekçi, partner of Ddf who set up the organization says:“This year, the capital of Korea, Seul is the Design Capital. In 2010, the capital of Finland, Helsinki will be the Design Capital. 2014’s candidates are not selected yet. Organisations on design and their themes are taken into consideration for a city to be selected as the Design Capital of the year.”

Ok, wonderful! Let’s do this! I’d happily follow an exhibition titledContemporary Turkish Design–”From Past To Present”. There are so few sources on the history of Turkish design! I wish, contemporary Turkish design starting from the declaration of the Republic until today, was studied in detail, exhibited and travelled…

So Istanbul should be the 2014 Design Capital… With this magnificient construction and budget?!

OH, YOU ARE NOT READY? Never mind… We’ll come back later!

Imagine the amazing architectural structures that could be built on this historical bridge?
Is all this not an insult to the place and the scenery?
The result: Has Istanbul had enough of design?
Oh, Istanbul has just started getting hungry…

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