Hasharon house 1 by Sharon Neuman Architects

Hasharon house 1 by Sharon Neuman Architects was planned for a young family with 3 children, on an area with a view, overlooking agricultural fields.

The resident is planned as a split level house, the master bedroom placed half way between the public area and the children’s space.

A TV and a sound system entegrated panel wall is hung between the living room area and the staircase to create a different, interesting spatial solution. Wanting to focus the view towards the outdoors as much as possible, and also to create an informal, inviting living room, the designers have placed the TV screen in a manner that would not be turned away from the scenery. They’ve composed a floating wall, maintaining a flow throughout the floor.

There’s an enclosed study room on the ground floor and another open room on the first.

The local weather allows the outdoor kitchen to be very useful during most of the year. The pergola is able to be open to the sky allowing shade, or closed to rain, using electrical shutters that are either vertical or horizontal.

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