Have A Date With Serenity…

Location: Treia, Le Marche, Italy
Property type: Castle/Villa
Service: Self-catering
Room capacity and price: For up to11 people,€ 4.200 per week

Sophie discovered the house in 2005. After finding right architects for 1 year, the complete renovation took 4 years as she says in the interwiew with theWelcome Beyond. Le Marche Villa has complete furnishing inside. There is an airconditioning system for summertime and central heating for winter. Le Marche also has too many technic facilities which gives you more conveniences. You can have your barbecue with a wonderfull view in your terrace, or can swim in your swimming pool whenever feel hot.

Sophie:“Our leitmotiv has always been to combine the best of Italy from tradition to modernity. The villa is a mix of all the talents we can find in this gorgeous country.” she says. Le March Villa gives you an opportunity to rest your soul.

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