HD PenCam from Swann

They say, one of the most prestigious present for a businessman is a pen with quality and class. This product is also a stylish ballpoint pen in one minute but with a push of a button, now it is a high-tech spying device to capture video and images!

Meet the HD PenCam from Swann!

We’ve met with the manufacturer, the Swann, with their helicopter series in our article Little Brother is Watching You… Now, they serve us an other spying service!

The elegant ribbed casing with metallic gold trim and pocket clip holds an executive-quality black ballpoint pen with hidden talents, as it contains a pinhole video camera so small you almost can’t see that it’s there. You can use the HD PenCam to shoot AVI video files at 720p resolution (1280 x 720 pixels and video file size of~ 100MB per minute) or JPEG still images at 1600 x 1200 (image file size of ~ 200KB) photo resolution, all at the push of a button. Total record time per charge is approximately 45 Minutes and you will never run out of recording space again with the HD PenCam’s memory card slot that allows swappable MicroSD cards, each up to 16GB capacity but which is not included to the package.

Swann says it is just perfect for lawyers, sales people, law enforcement, mystery shopping, covert surveillance or Internet fun!

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