Helsinki: ‘Cool’ ve cömert

People consider Scandinavians as cold people, but I can’t agree with them when it’s about the habitants of Helsinki. On Friday and Saturday nights, These”cold” people turn the city into a city of entertainment and they are also very helpful to foreigners. Presenting itself with its architectural features and untouched nature, the city is well located by the Baltic Sea as one of the best examples of developed cities…


First of the”must-visit” places in Helsinki is the Kaivopuisto Park. It’s very pleasant to have a picnic in the park in the center of the city. Well, if you say every city should have a square more or less and wonder where is the one in Helsinki, you should go to the Senate Square (Senaatintori). Beauty of the Helsinki Cathedral will pay off your visit to the square. Don’t let yourself feel as if you are in a typical European city, because you will realize you are mistaken when you see the Church of Temppeliaukio which was carved in hard rocks. This place of worship designed by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen Brothers was completed in 1969 because of World War II; it is quite impressive.

The Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral

Temppeliaukio Church

Temppeliaukio Church

Temppeliaukio Church


As in many European cities, the museums here are quite striking and rich.National Museum of Finland(Kansallismuseo) will take you to the ancient times whileContemporary Arts Museum of Kiasmawill attract you with its collection from the world and Finland covering the period 1960-1990.




The exhibition of”The Best School in the World” and a few examples of modern Finnish architecture

The students in Finland have been performing the best in PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), a particular programme of OECD. And the Museum of Finnish Architecture examines how the architecture of schools contributes to this success in the exhibition,”the Best School in the World”. It’s a very interesting and stimulating work… The museum also organizes architectural tours to these school with reservation. You can visit the exhibition on between June 8 – September

Sipoo 2007/ K2S Architecture Ltd

Lise, Joensuu 2007/ Lahdelma& Mahlamäki Architecture

Hiidenkivi School, Helsinki 2005/ Häkli Architecture

Helsinki… A city with a soul. It was invaded by Russians in 1800s and actually this was how the city was livened up. Until then, the capital of Finland was Turku. The Russians had also affected the architecture of the city during their domination. However, since the 20th century, there has been a completely different understanding of architecture in Helsinki.
Wisa Wooden Design Hotel

This wooden hotel is located in Valkosaari Island near Helsinki. The architecture of the hotel, Pieta-Linda Autilla expresses the feelings that inspired the project:”Powerful waves brought a wooden block which the sea darkened out of the deep sea and threw it on a rock…”


It is a watchtower in Korkeasaari Island near Helsinki in Finland which has a high number of islands. It means bubble and is formed of wooden lathes. The tower with a light and wicker design became the symbol of Helsinki Zoo in the same island. The inconspicuous tower can see everywhere in the island. And it was built by a multinational group of students.

Viikki Church

Viikki Church

The church located in Viikki region was designed by JKMM. While referring to traditional wooden Finnish churches with its wooden materials, its modern design is also remarkable. Samuli Miettinen from JKMM architecture states that the structures of the church combines both modern and traditional architectural methods.

Seafarers Center

This construction that welcomes the sea is located in port area of Vuosaari. The building was designed by ARK-house architecture as a multi-purpose recreational area for the sailors who come from long distances. The main philosophy of the building is”to give good memories to the sailors who will go back to home”. In short, what was aimed in Seafarers Center is just peace…

I hope you can visit this”cool” and visually rich city one day…

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