Here Are The Marvellous Umbrellas

Umbrellas are the best products saving our hair nice, our make-up fresh, our suits ironed and our bags dry; they protect us from being soaked and sick. We want them to be of high quality, resistant and elegant. One more thing: They shouldn’t turn inside out.

Senz° umbrellas are the products that are tested many times. The quality of the Senz° umbrellas can be seen at first look and they can provide more than an ordinary umbrella can. They are so smart and functional. These umbrellas which withstand winds up to 100 km/h do not turn insideout and thanks to their aerodynamic design, do not block your view. If you have a Senz°, you do not hit other pedestrians. Enjoy the weather every time, even it is stormy!

Senz° Original (withstands winds up to 100 km/h): 

pomstore-semsiye-senz original-senzual pink

Senz° Smart (withstands winds up to 80 km/h):


Senz° Smart s (withstands winds up to 60 km/h):


Senz° Mini (withstands winds up to 80 km/h although it can fit in your bags when folded):

pomstore-semsiye-senz-mini-siyah-pure black


The colours of Senz° umbrellas are also great. Please visit Pomstore in order to learn details of Senz° Original, Senz° Smart and Senz° Mini umbrellas and buy them:  




Senz° umbrellas won awards that envying the designers. Here are the awards that Senz° umbrellas won:


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