Hidden Balcony: BalKonzept

There are a lot of design ideas when it comes to decorate your balcony. But what if your house doesn’t have one? Do you have to be devoid of the feeling of having a leisure time while reading or drinking, faced to the view from our home? Apparently, not anymore…


Berlin-based designer Michael Hilgers new furnishing concept for small balconies, the BalKonzept is a table/shelf that is approx. 600x450mm. It is simple, light and useful. Just hook it on any suitable place and it is ready for any single usage that is only limited to your imagination!


Even you have a balcony in your house; the BalKonzept will provide a brand new view from your apartment. You can take get more information via http://www.balkonzept.de/ as well…

Good day! 

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