Hotel Madera Signature Suites by Lagranja Design

Project Name: Hotel Madera Signature Suites
Architect:Laranja Design
Client: Hip Shing Hong Group of Companies
Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Description from the architects:

The 88 room boutique hotel is a new build owned by Hip Shing Hong Group of Companies and located in the heart of the Jordan district, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Lagranja have designed the 3rd floor common areas and the top 4 floors of the exclusive signature suites. The rest of the rooms are standard rooms. The hotel is named Madera (which means wood in spanish), and the name has been the basis of our concept for the interior design.

We designed 9 suites including 2 duplex suites, each different from the other, always using wood as the defining material.

Our priority has been to create a warm and domestic atmosphere where each suite has an exhibition of objects (always made from wood) that decorate the space. We have designed wooden spoons, which then serve as a keepsake for the guests, wooden hats from Lantau Island, chess pieces, straw shoes, …
All suites have a spacious bathroom with bathtub and built in shower, the ceiling is made from wooden slats, an area that the client calls‘spa suites’.
A very important part of the project are the lift lobbies, each one being unique, with the walls becoming sculptures of light and mirrors being used to achieve a greater sense of space. Hong Kong is one of the densest cities in the world, the limited space has been one of the challenges of the project and the role of mirrors has been an important one.

Wood textures and crafts are visible throughout the hotel, in the suites and the lift lobbies. On the 3rd floor we created a visual installation using 11000 nails and coloured rope in the shape of leaves, on the 16th floor we used wood veneer which was warped to create a light wall of textured ribbons, on the 27th floor we used panels of wickerwork in varying textures to make light diffusers, on the 28th floor we made 650 stained wood slats in 30 colours to create a smooth gradient of colours from yellow, red to blue.

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