Hotel Topazz by BWM Architekten und Partner

Hotel Topazz is located in Vienna’s city centre. An historic building’s facade looks absolutely stunning since modernly renovated with a new design by BWM Architekten und Partner.

Remarkably catching to the eye, a small building site absorbs and reflects the natural light with it’s brown mosaic surface.

The design is characterised by striking elliptical window openings that jut out slightly.

This round cornered, elegant facade creates an unconventional and distinctive physical presence within the Vienna’s historical architecture.

The curved window recesses serve as comfortably rounded spots on the inside, for sitting or lounging while enjoying the city view.

By this beautiful design, the exterior and interior spaces engage in close dialogue and complement each other.

The interiors by Michael Manzenreiter are also elegant and harmonious to the facade with it’s comfortable and luxury designs and high contrast colour tones.

Photos by: BWM Architekten und Partner, Lenikus GmbH (Foto: Anna Blau), Gerhard Trumler

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