HOTEL&SPA I by GAD Architecture

Eskişehir Hotel& Spa I is a boutique hotel and spa concept. The resort consists of spa, hotel, wedding venue, amphitheatre and guest bungalows located in a hillside pine forest.

The resort is built around the spa, which comprises the core and center of the building. The spa is nestled into the Earth, taking advantage of the site’s geothermal features. The pool and pool deck comprise the roof over spa, and domes on the pool deck allow filtered light to penetrate into the spa, an allusion to a dome over a traditional hamam.

The hotel is tiered following the contours of the site’s terrain and surrounds the spa providing easy access to the hotel guests.

The wedding venue is maintained as a separate program from the hotel. An amphitheatre located next to the pool takes advantage of the stunning views and greenery surrounding the site.

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