House In Itami; Minimize The Area Maximize The Function

According to the building laws in Itami, homes should be set 500mm away from outer walls to form an interspace of 1000mm between the closely positioned dwellings. Tato Architects included an additional 400mm to the boundary line of the adjacent land in keeping in line with these rules.


There are open stairs in the center of the house and these stairs aim to make the place more functional as they present a rich spatial experience showing all the parts of the house.


The objects and places such as laundry, closet are disguised by the walls that seem like furniture.

aol-tato-architects-house-in-itami-03 aol-tato-architects-house-in-itami-04

The structure of the house is built from 100mmx100m steel sections like columns and beams. 6mm flat bars and 50mm squared tie beams support 75mm deck plates for the floor construction.


The floors of each level are fixed to the horizontal supports at both ends so that stiffness between these is well kept.

aol-tato-architects-house-in-itami-07 aol-tato-architects-house-in-itami-08 aol-tato-architects-house-in-itami-09

Photographs © Koichi Torimura

Project Name: House In Itami

Location: Itami, Japan

Site Area: 59.16m2

Building Area: 34.95m2

Total Area: 95.79m2

Construction material: Steel

Program: House

Project by: Tato Architects

Designer: Yo Shimada

Design period: June 2010 – October2011

Construction period: May 2012 – September 2012

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